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Penis Measuring



Penis Measuring – You Don’t Want to Skip It

Before you begin your penile exercise routine, you’ll want to know where you are and where you want to be.  These penis measuring tips will help you accurately determine your current penis length and girth.



Since penis enlargement takes time and steady work, you may be wondering whether you should be measuring your penis length or girth at all during the first few weeks to months.  While it’s not healthy to worry about whether you can see gains each and every day, we recommend that you measure your penis on the first day of your new penile exercise regimen and also at regular intervals along the way.

Knowing your initial and benchmark penis length and penis girth allows you to:

  1. Track your progress.
  2. Gain motivation with every inch of penis enlargement.
  3. See if you are gaining.  If not, you’ll know you need to change something.
“Progress is made when progress is measured.” — Steven Lamm, M.D., The Hardness Factor. The best way to track progress is by calculating your volume.


The best way to measure your penis length is with a straightedge ruler when you are fully erect.


There are two ways to measure erect length: bone-pressed and non bone-pressed.

Method 1, “bone-pressed”: place the ruler above the penis and push it all the way into the pubic bone.  Once the ruler is firmly pressed against the pubic bone, record your measurement.

Measuring bone-pressed is preferred by many because it maximizes consistent measurements.

Method 2, “non bone-pressed”: Again, place the ruler above the penis. This time, barely touch the skin of the pubic region. When measuring non bone-pressed, it is important that the ruler is not touching the pubic bone.

The most important factor when measuring is that you always use the same technique. This is important because if you measure differently each time, you could be fooling yourself into thinking you’re gaining when you’re not.  So, for example, if you measure sitting down the first time, you should measure while sitting time every time thereafter.  This allows you to consistently monitor your progress.


There are two ways to measure erect girth.

Method 1: Fully wrap measuring tape around the circumference of your penis and check the measurement.

Method 2: Fully wrap a piece of string around the circumference of your penis and mark the measurement on the string.  Then take the string and line it up with a straightedge ruler.

Most men measure their erect penis girth in the middle of the shaft or at their thickest point.  However, where you measure isn’t too important as long as you consistently measure in the same place.

If your girth greatly differs on different parts of your penis, then you may want to measure your girth in three different areas: the base, mid-shaft, and at the glans.

Measuring Tip! You may find it hard to keep an erection when measuring. If this occurs, try measuring in the morning on the days you wake up with an erection.


Once you have a baseline measurement, you’re all set to begin your new penis exercise routine! Decide how often you will take measurements as the weeks and months go by, and start keeping a chart to track your progress.  Charting your gains is a great way to stay motivated.

Also, while results may seem slow at first, if you still don’t see penis enlargement results after several weeks to months, you’ll know when you need to adjust your penile exercise routine.

Don’t forget, whether you’re stuck, have a question about technique, or just want to boast (OK, we’ll call it sharing with friends!) about the fantastic new you, you can always seek support and expert male enhancement advice in our forums.

This is the second installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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