Women with the most beautiful lips


Here is the list of the women with the most beautiful lips in the world, who are famous enough to have an article in the Wikipedia (I have to draw the line somewhere). Merely my opinion, of course.

I am well aware that some people think big lips are ugly, but I am not one of them. Growing up people made fun of my lips, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Note that this is very much a work in progress as I am sure there are some who have slipped my mind or who I do not even know about yet.


1. Paula Lima (1970- ) is a Brazilian MPB singer from Sao Paulo. I love the way she moves her mouth, so that is probably why I love her lips as much as I do.


2. Jill Marie Jones (1975- ) is an American…

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Flawed Beauty – Brazil

Feminism has enabled family destroying laws and notions to propogate in every society that it has infected. It’s because of Feminism that we have laws that destroy men in the courts and legal battles. Marriage, the grander ones being that which women believe themselves entitleted to, is a game of russian roulette with only one empty chamber. It’s 4th and 50 in the Super Bowl; a gamble that will not pay off.

Men simply see no reason to commit. Women should be blaming only themselves.

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As far as I can tell, when women talk about “commitment” they refer to a state in which the man will stay with the woman, supporting her financially and having sex with no one else (and maybe not even with her), for as long as she wants no matter how she behaves. She can break the “commitment” at will (e.g. if she becomes unhappy or bored, or he loses his job, or a better prospect walks by) without any apparent guilt; all other women will take her side. And they wonder why men don’t want this.

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100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person